2nd MK Day TP


Original plan did not include RD 7DMT; however, due to rain in the forecast for later in the day, I’m wondering what y’all think about RD 7DMT and then modifying 1PM FP to something else. Do we do that or just keep the 1PM FP and get a whole bunch of stuff done before Peter Pan (9:10-10:10)?

Our first MK day, we have FP for POC, BTM, and Space Mnt, so we will have done those already.

Also, our BOG ADR is actually at 8:15 AM and there is the paid EMM on that day that we are not doing.

I think your plan looks great like this. The predicted wait for 7DMT is reasonable at RD. I’d do this plan and keep the FPP for it just in case. You’re already going to be there anyway for BOG PPO. This makes total sense. If for some reason you don’t get to RD 7DMT then, you’ll have the FPP as a back-up (weather permitting)

IMHO - It’s always better to have a FPP and be able to change your mind that day then to miss out on something due to a long queue or weather. You never know you may want to ride twice.

(It’s a fun ride, but IMHO not worth more than a 45 minute wait — maybe an hour at most. So with RD & FPP you can get 2 rides without having to be in that long queue.)

I think your plan looks pretty good. I would guess you will be able to do Dumbo before or after Barnstormer too. If you are out of BOG by 8:40 or so you should be on and off 7DMT a few minutes after 9:00 park opening. So I think you will be ahead on time from the beginning of your plan.

Sorry I meant you could be able to do under the seas after dumbo