2nd day in Epcot, or AK?

We have 7 day tickets (no PH). Planning on 3 days in MK, 1 is HS (originally planned 2, but we’ll be there a week after GE opens, no desire to see that area but kids need to ride SDD or they’ll revolt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), 1 in Epcot, 1 in AK. That leaves us 1 day left - not sure if we should repeat Epcot or AK? Or should we still attempt 2 days at HS?
We will have 4 adults and 5 kids (all 8 and under).

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My thinking is whatever of those 3 parks you think the kids will enjoy more. HS is tough to gauge. Yes it will be more crowded, but if people are waiting to get in to the GE land (and then waiting on the ride), the other, non-GE, areas might not be as bad. Then there’s the whole reservation/virtual queue situation that we don’t have details on. Disney has said no reservations at WDW, but I have heard other insiders that have said they might, but are waiting to see what happens in DL. Too much up in the air at this point. I have also heard that Disney is pushing to get ROTR open as well by August 29th at WDW. Who knows? All the “experts” were convinced late Nov/Dec for GE opening in WDW so who knows…

As for AK vs Epcot…Do you think your kids will like the animals/shows at AK or will they like the princesses and WS at Epcot? My kids (DD13, DD9, DS9) would probably all like AK better, but they are no longer interested in princesses. Plus AK has the boneyard where they can just play. Even the last time we went (~4.5 years ago), I think they would like AK vs Epcot.

my $.02