2BR suites


Hi, what options are there for 2 bedroom suites (non DVC) in MK monorail resorts?
Particularly interested in the Poly.

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I haven't stayed at the Poly, so I have no first-hand experience. The Touring Plan resort information page and room finder might help. Here are the links.

I'm not sure that any of their non-DVD rooms would be considered suites. I see suites listed on the room-finder, but don't see a description on the main page. Sorry if this isn't actually very helpful. I think @PianoMinnie loves the Poly, so maybe she can help.


Hi! @SallyEppcot sent out the tiki signal! The Poly does have non-DVC suites. They're all club level and in their own longhouse, Tonga. They aren't cheap, but will be less per night than the DVC pizza huts, I'm betting.

Presidential Suite (King Kamehameha Suite) - 1863 sq ft ($1805.00 to $2490.00 per night - appx)
This suite has two bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, with a parlor. This is a two floor suite, with the main living area on the first floor, and the two bedrooms on the second floor. The mini kitchen here includes a small refrigerator, ice maker, small microwave and sink. There are also standard connecting rooms availalbe that could make this a five bedroom suite.

Ambassador Suite - 1513 sq ft ($1345.00 to $1760.00)
This suite has two bedrooms, 3 baths and a parlor area. Mini-kitchen includes a small refrigerator, ice maker, small microwave and sink. There are two suites in this category.

Princess Suite - 1212 sq. ft ($1190.00 to $1630.00)
This suite has two bedrooms, each with two queen beds, along with a day bed in the parlor. This suite also includes a wet bar and small refrigerator.

If you stay in one of these, please post pics of the rooms here! smile

Have you stayed at the Poly before? If not, wait until construction is over. You'll LOVE it there.