$25 for parking, seriously $25

Anybody else feel like $25 for parking is extreme?

I get the Bus, Uber, shuttle option but sometimes its more convenient to just drive and park…


Onsite is free parking at parks. But you still get charged a parking fee. They gotta get ya one way or the other…

Parking is free if you stay DVC. I also get free parking with my AP for off-site.


The next step is to add a stop after bag search where the hold you upside down by the ankles and shake you until all your money falls out of your pockets…


Just like Hotels with low rates… They get you with the additional “Resort Fee” or parking fee.


That happens to me before I even land at MCO

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I agree that it isn’t great. While it is somewhat of a money grab it also actively discourages people from driving to / at the parks. There is an initiative by the Orlando government to get fewer tourist cars on the Orlando roads.

Makes sense.

I think $25 really isn’t that bad and pretty well in line with most other parks I’ve been to. The Six Flags near me charges $20 for parking. I can tell you without a doubt that by comparison the parking is even worse, and the shuttles from the far reaches of the lots to the gates are inconsistent and a scary experience at best.
I’m staying onsite and I’m not thrilled about the daily car charge there. I’m already paying to keep myself there overnight. Why should my car need to do it to?

I’ve seen worse. It costs $60 to park at a Chiefs game

I think I just saw a Fastpass for that.

$63 for self-parking at a DC Marriott.
And don’t get me started about “resort fees”. I’m sure those are Coming Soon To A Disney Resort Near You.

Resort fees are so incredibly crazy to me. Especially when they are completely mandatory whether you use the resort features or not!

Even when booking through Homeaway, some of the rentals had rental prices, PLUS you had to add on the resort fees for those rentals properties within those resorts. But the resort fees covered things that we would never use. We just want the rental house! So, we avoid those rental properties entirely.