24 Hour Day Official!

This has shown up burried in some other threads, but I thought this news was worthy of it’s own thread.


Started checking flights this morning. This time I am not doing a full 30 hour on and off plane turn around if I go, it’ll be the whole weekend.

I missed you last year; hoping to catch you this time around :slight_smile:

So happy to hear this news this morning! We’ll be there!

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There better be a live cam again this year!!!

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This is going to present some logistical challenges, as I want to see as much of Star Wars Weekends as possible and still participate in the 24 hour day festivities. I’m hoping there will be some very late/early morning Liner activities, since that’s most likely to be when I could meet some other friends from the forums.


I happen to already have booked during this time. Need tips on best time to be there to enjoy the atmosphere; worst time to be there for the crowd; if there is ever a time when the crowds are actually super small?

I was there last year, but my memory is pretty hazy thanks to lack of sleep. LOL

on 24 hour day, it’ll be pretty crowded, even during the day. IIRC, from 11am-Wishes was busiest (with some minor fluctuations). The late hours were decent and 2-6am were awesome. super low crowds and super quiet. Still lines. not necessarily walk ons for some things, but totally manageable. 7DMT was swamped because it was soft opening that day. So this year, I’m hoping it will be lighter waits overall for it compared to last year.

Rope drop was busy because of it being 24 hours. So it’s not your normal rope drop scenario. I’d have to look back at some of the blogs and the TP historical crowd data to see the actual numbers.

Otherwise, I would plan like it’s a 10, except you have a longer time to complete your touring plan.

Good luck and have fun!!