24 hour day liners , please periscope

Is there any liners that could periscope the day with us not attending. @glamourgirl talked about periscope and it’s totally addicting and there are so many people that post their Disney trips. We would so appreciate it

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I just got the app and trying to figure it out… I want to watch too. Lol

I think we’re a bit overscheduled at this point, with all the tasks to complete on top of everyone’s other plans for the day, and taking the time to broadcast the day’s events would leave even less time. As someone who was home last year, I understand the interest in the in-park activities, but unless they extend the Magic Kingdom to be open for a 36 hour day, I don’t know where the time to use this would come from!

Besides, it doesn’t look like I can even use Periscope on my phone.

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I don’t think I’ll be able to attend any Liners meet but I’ll be there for the opening and closing of the 24H event. Planing on using Periscope if my battery doesn’t die…if you want to follow my username is @disney_lilo

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I was basically asking for the things liners do together…singing,'conga line etc… Not following the whole day! Thanks @'disrewards😀