21 Days and things are getting real - 1st day TP feedback

Hi All, I love this forum, I have feel like I have learned so much, and I read everyone’s trip reports to get extra tips. I’m lookin for feedback on our first day, we get into MCO at 10:15am, and are staying at WL. I have us leaving the park around 7p, because we have to leave our house at 5am to make our flight and I know we will be tired.
Our group is me, DH, DD5 and DS15.

  1. I’m hoping for feedback on our TP https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3333521
    I’m hoping to get a 4th FP for Winnie the Pooh, but I know it may not happen, or if we get to the park earlier than expected maybe we can ride Winnie the Pooh first… thoughts?
  2. We have a Splash FP at 2pm, where is the best place to watch the 3pm parade that is close to there?