2024 - Possible to EE two parks in one morning?

Looking at TPs estimated park hours for my Feb 2024 trip, I noticed one day where Epcot may not be opening until 10:00. Is it feasible to hit Pandora (and maybe Dino) during a 7:30 EE and still get to Epcot in time for the 9:30 EE?

2024 so no park reservations or limits on hopping
Transportation from AK to Epcot is available (Minnie van if necessary)
CL 6 day for AK
7:00 arrival at AK

I made a TP with three attractions (FoP, NRJ, and Dino) and an 8:30 meal at Rainforest Cafe, which was just to show when we could reach the park exit. At an average walking speed it says we would get there at 8:40.

Is that enough time to get to Epcot? I assume the park-to-park buses aren’t running that early. What are the feasible transportation options? Bus to BCR? Minnie only?

I’m curious if anyone here has tried this and what the results were. Maybe I’m crazy, but rope dropping is my favorite. The fantasy of 7 EEs in 6 days is appealing. Tell me if the reality will be appalling. :wink:

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That seems really really unlikely to stick. I don’t think we’ve seen a 10am opening since in the early days of reopening during Covid.

If it does stick, it may be possible, but you’ll be running and it doesn’t sound like much fun to me.


I thought it was weird but didn’t know if this was a common thing following an After Hours event night at Epcot. Event is 2/15 (10pm-1am) and day in question is 2/16.

I’m betting it’s a marathon weekend. I’m seeing a 10 am open for Epcot on Saturday and Sunday for my January trip with the kids that accidentally falls on marathon weekend.

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Marathon weekend is the last weekend in February, 22nd -26th.

Technically half marathon weekend (princess this time)

The only marathon weekend is in early January each year

Just calling this out to clarify :slight_smile:

Also @cbalusek I don’t think parks have later opening hours on race weekends anyway

Epcot opens at 10 am on Jan 6 and 7 in 2024

I thought it was weird so I spent time looking into it. It opened at 10 in 2022 for marathon weekend (Jan 8 and 9) but not in 2023’s marathon weekend.

Granted, WDWinfo’s historical calendars could be wrong, but that’s what I found online.


EP opened at 10 last Sunday as well. We were at HS but I noticed the later opening. It was the W&D 1/2.


Standing corrected :slight_smile:


But also - why would you use that instead of TP?! :scream:



My thoughts exactly! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I seem to remember a trip report from years past where they did the coveted “double rope drop”. Don’t remember on transport but it is possible, even just to say you did.

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I don’t know how to link but here is one example, day 2 AK to MK. Gets me teary eyed to read about FPP though.


:woman_facepalming: I actually forgot that Touring Plans has this because I rarely look at historical. I just googled “disney world hours january 2023” to find the info. :smiley:

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I would be sure to be at the resort bus stop by 6:15, maybe even 5:55 am. Get the first bus possible.

Disney has let guests in the park occasionally before the EE time.

Good luck!

wow, thank you for bring back this memory! I haven’t been here in the forum for so long but this report brought back so many amazing memories - we haven’t been back to WDW since March 2021 and I would be such a newbie and would have so much to learn. I’m sure we’ll go back someday; we’ve switch to universal for the time being. I’m sure we’ll be back to disney again some day though! Thank you!

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