2024 Point Charts

2024 point charts are now available:


When is Poly tower to be completed? I notice a distinct absence of mention on this chart.

Cool. Looking at just SSR and Boardwalk (the two we would care most about) and the points aren’t changing at all, it seems.

My home resort didn’t change at all either. I would assume as they get older and the usage stabilizes and becomes more predictable, they change less and less

I’ve looked at a bunch of these, though not all, and have not noticed any changes at all.

Did anything change?

I haven’t seen any.

I just look and them and wonder why I have to always travel in the most expensive times! My points would go sooo much further.

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For me it’s the room size preference :laughing:

I dream of staying in a 1 bedroom but when you go Spring Break and Christmas I both!

I was looking at these charts closely beacuse we are going to WDW for Spring Break 2024 and also staying at Aulani for 2 nights August 2023. I keep eyeing that Aulani 1 bedroom but it wouldn’t leave us with enough for spring break. An Aulani studio leaves us with just enough for six nights at AKL or a cheaper place.

Of course DH also dreams of AKV club level. So now we are talking super spendy.

Perhaps we need to spend a few nights at a Universal resort to spread our points further…

This would be wicked smaht

That is in the works - and brings it around to that Poly Tower! I am either buying points when those go on sale or I will load up on more AKL points resale if the tower is seperate and has resale restrictions.

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I’ll add, clearly I need 200 points, not 120!

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