2024 Military Freedom Pass (Good for DOD Civilians too)

Passes good for rest of this year and for 2024 now on sale at your local installations. Unfortunately, they have some blackout dates now. Still a great deal for military and DOD Civilians!


Thanks for posting!

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Just wanted to update for those eligible and interesed…they removed the spring break blackout dates so now it is only blacked out after December 20!


@MeyerFamily or anyone else, do you know if Universal considers a contractor with a CAC to be a DoD Civilian?

After a few phone calls, I’ve learned the answer is no.

The gory details: First I called UO and talked to their annual pass sales. He said as long as I have access to a base that sells the tickets, then I’m eligible to buy and use them. Then he said if I purchased the Freedom Pass tickets with a room reservation, then I could do it over the phone with him directly and didn’t need to visit the base. He assured me that the ticketing desk at resort lobbies wouldn’t check for my ID eligibility because my eligibility is between me and the US Govt. In other words, if I obtained them under false pretenses, Uncle Sam would come calling.
To be doubly sure, I called Cabana Bay’s ticketing desk directly. She said it was a good question and put me on hold while she got out “the book” which I could hear her physically flipping through. She found the page with acceptable forms of ID and said that if my CAC has a green line through it, I’m not eligible. Bummer for me because buying tickets this way would have saved $1000 and given my family passes for the rest of 2024. Hopefully my research will be beneficial for someone else.

Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I would have assumed you have to be DoD. Now…if you are lucky enough, you can have a DoD friend buy them and activate them for you at the park. I was able to buy for a friend and then activate when we were at the park at the same time.