2023-11-30 Site Issue

We’re aware the site is down. We’re looking at it and will have an update within an hour.


Still working on this. The database was hitting 100% capacity, so we’re moving to the next-largest size to see if that helps.


Overdid it on Thanksgiving like most of us, probably.


The site seems to be back up. We suspect the cause is a new internal process we were testing.

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I noticed, last night, that the Forums had gone down for a while. Related? Or just a coincidence?

I also noticed that, after it come back up, that when I would launch the forums in Chrome, it would automatically launch the Forums in the “app” form on my phone, which was annoying. (I forgot I even had the app form installed, because once I tried it, I decided I preferred to use Chrome.) Anyhow, it never used to “auto-launch” until starting overnight. I just uninstalled the TP Forums app from my phone to fix the “problem”.

Oh, that’s interesting. The forums are hosted by a third party, and outside of the main site’s infrastructure. So probably a coincidence. Still worth noting. Thanks!

It was also down at about 4:30am the night before last, with the same 502 error as people got last night.