2022 Unofficial Guide - What do you want to see in it?

We’re getting ready to start work on the 2022 Unofficial Guide. We expect it to be in stores in November, 2021. We’ll probably have to wrap up research by early September, 2021.

Given those timelines, what would you like to see for the 2022 edition? It can be new research, updates, expansions, or deletions.

(The 2021 edition should be in stores within a few weeks.)


Email me the 2021 guide and I’ll let you know! :rofl:. Paid of course! We go next week so trying to cobble the info I need from site instead and we didn’t go a few years now so some of these things might already be in 2020 edition but here have been my questions for the last week:

New arrival/RD procedures for all the parks
Droid Depot in detail vs Lightsaber
Ins and outs of APRs now that I’ve seen they become available like ADRs at all times and they move AP availability over when days book solid (I assume to make the calendar look more appealing and get people to keep buying tickets the solid gray is jarring)
Remy’s full review since that is going to open before we go next week :wink:
Ins and outs of mobile dining / updated recommendations now that some places have reduced menus and no/distanced characters

And my current hunt - a visual map of the lines now that they are long and snake so we can head toward where we anticipate the end to be vs entrance (this got us on SDMT years ago too line doubled as we followed it from entrance down and around but others went other way toward end directly)


Not sure how it was addressed in 2021 edition but since FP+ has yet to rise from the grave, I’d like to see how the strategy shifts from “grab these FPs, ride these others in the first hour, then head back to the hotel, return for these”.


I expect you already have on your list what I would like to see: any special events for the 50th and a section of transportation options from MCO to the resorts for different groups (families with small children, adults only).


Agree with above. Anything new for the year like 50th celebration, new FP system, transport options, etc.

Perhaps some commentary or two different ratings for some of the dining options based on buffet vs. family style. For example, some places that were previously buffet are currently family style and I’ve heard the family style is much better than the buffet. It might be nice to address this somewhere as the ratings for the buffet may not represent the current situation for these restaurants.

Best places to see cavalcades or flotillas (if still around). I know they don’t release times for these, but some sort of suggestions about where and when to catch them.

Tips for park hopping if it remains as is. For example, it doesn’t seem worth it to park hop to AK right now with only 3 hours to close. Maybe it is if wait times are really low and you can get a lot done in those 3 hours.

I’m much more interested in which restaurants offer outdoor tables than ever before :slight_smile: And likelihood of scoring one at busy times. Since you mention doing research, is any particular mobile order restaurant better or worse for getting orders out on time? ie I always check that Aloha Isle isn’t a zoo before placing a mobile order, in contrast to other quick service places I find are usually on top of their queues. But maybe my dole whip addiction just means I place undue focus on Aloha Isle :wink: Y’all are unbiased, right?


I’d like to see discussion of offsite vs on given the lack of perks at WDW hotels. I feel like that “calculus” has really shifted, and a lot more people are going to end up on the off-site side of things.


^^ This! Especially since Magical Express is ending, such a shame. I rely heavily on it to get to the resorts from MCO. It’s just too pricey for the other transportation for just 1 person.


We addressed this in the 2021 edition. None of the touring plans assume the use of FP+. We did put at the bottom of each plan the attractions and times at which FP+ would work best, if it came back. And we mentioned the software would help with that.


Stellar. Thanks!

I second this. It was such a pain last fall when I got up to a ride only to find that the line snaked the other way from whence I came (and with a stroller to boot). I know they’re subject to change, but a visual of which direction to head for the most intense lines…

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I still haven’t found this anywhere so if there are any you recall/care to share I would love any intel on this @eeeevah

All these are great suggestions. Some of this may already be covered, but:

  • Info on new rides coming (Tron and such)
  • Info about using MDE as your ticket
  • Info on arrival procedures at the park, when lots open, new security and screening, etc.