2022 packages available to book through June 2022

That’s what I was thinking I would do! I’m working out a few different scenarios now to see what may work best before I ask for quotes. Although I know I can always modify. Decisions…decisions!

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That is one of the scenarios I am working on. Which would I do first, Poly or YC? Also do I just want to save money and try the Gran Destino? Hmmmmm

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We had to do The Poly first, because MK has to be the first park - it’s a rule according to my kids. We will do MK and AK the first few days and then EPCOT and HS the other days, although we may hop over to MK once more near the end since it’s my kid’s favorite park.

I made a graph of exactly how many hours I need to work to save up for this trip (spoiler, it’s a lot) and I also made another graph (yeah I’m a nerd) of how many hours I’ve “earned” at Disney and I fill in a few more hours each payday. After I realized how much each hour at Disney was costing me, I decided it was all about location and decreasing transportation times. Also, I’ll do pretty much anything to justify making my trip exactly the way I want it to be :rofl:
I’m currently working on reasoning out how if they bring back club level, that will also save me time by not having to go to as many restaurants and if I can get those sweet extra club level fast passes, well that’s just good time management.


That’s planning right up my alley. This board is nothing but enablers :rofl:. My kids are teens so we would do more HS than MK to my dismay. Parkwise we would probably finish off with AK and MK so probably do the last days there if we go that route. Our April trip we are booked at YC for the week so I am pretty bummed.


I was just telling my husband that if GD had better access to even just one park, it would be my go to. It is stunning and I love it!

Disney math. I am an expert. Dessert Party at a Christmas Party? Of course! Can’t waste all the money I spent on a Christmas Party staking out a spot for fireworks and parades. Obviously the answer is to spend more money on dessert parties (ie - reserved viewing spots)!

We’re a group of 8 so I booked suites at Poly and BC and Deluxe rooms at GD. I can pretend it’s because I want us all to be together and have space to relax in the room, but really it’s because those rooms will automatically have club access if they open back up.


That and and less food options. We would have to walk across whole resort for food. I’m now leaning on the split stay at Poly and Epcot resort and justify costs with everything we’ve been through this year. Stay tuned…


Disney math, I love it!

Now I have a new term to use with my husband when I explain why we are doing certain things - “It’s very confusing honey, don’t worry about it. Remember new math? Well this is Disney math, it’s a very complicated set of variables and dependent variables to get the final vacation value.” :rofl::rofl:


This is an actual rule.

How do I know?

I am a rule follower and that’s how we do it too



Writing out plans, it makes most sense for us to start at MK even though last night I was planning otherwise. More time at Poly if we start there, rather than end there.

We have been going to WDW every year except 2020 for last 14 years. The discounts are getting smaller and smaller when going durectly thru WDW. Is there a place that offfers better deals than 10% off on site rooms? We do DD, Polynesian. Thank you so much.

Living the dream!
You can’t get better than 10% on Poly? I have never stayed there, but usually deluxes get a hefty discount when sales happen. If you can’t get a great discount there, maybe try a different deluxe.

I’d be surprised if their PIN discounts weren’t in the range of 30% for Poly.
Of course when I received the PIN Poly was closed for reno for the entire date range so I didn’t even bother looking into it.
But I think their Deluxes get discounts in that range.