2021 visit - Help on dates, timings and openings!

We’re planning on heading to Orlando in 2021 (for the 50th of course), but I need a bit of clarity in terms of dates and timings. I know this is quite a while away… but in reality we’re only six months from booking/planning.

My first thought was planning a trip for spring '21, but would that be too early and thus miss out on lots of new attractions, parades and shows?

My main concern is being too premature for the big new rides opening. Does anyone have a decent idea/guess at when the following will open?

  • Tron
  • Guardians ride
  • Epcot changes

The first two would be a big reason for our trip, so we wouldn’t want to arrive before they open.


Currently, Guardians is expected to be ready Spring 2021, by which time Rat and Mickey’s train ride will also be open (first half of 2020).

Tron is expected to be ready by “early” Summer 2021.

The Epcot FW “transformation” probably won’t even be totally complete by the 40th anniversary in October 2022. It’s likely completion date is 2023.

Remember though, things can change. Originally the train ride was due to open before SW:GE, and is running 6 months late at least (due in part to work being prioritised on the Rise of the Resistance ride).

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Thanks for this - really useful. Definitely worth delaying our trip to either November '21 or Spring '22 then.


Im doing week after Thanksgiving to make sure I get all the new rides!

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