2021 Unofficial Guide Chapter Proofs Available

Updated January 11, 2021

If you’d like to review and comment on the chapter proofs for the 2021 Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, I’m putting them in this Dropbox directory.

Chapters currently available:

  • Front Matter
  • COVID-19
  • Part 1: Overview
  • Part 2: Planning
  • Part 3: Time (available 12/26/20)
  • Part 4: Money (available 12/26/20)
  • Part 5: Accommodations (available 1/18/2021)
  • Part 6: Dining (available 1/18/2021)
  • Part 7: With Kids (available 12/27/2020)
  • Part 8: Special Tips for Special People (12/27/2020)
  • Part 9: Arriving and Getting Around (12/27/2020)
  • Part 10: Bare Necessities (12/27/2020)
  • Part 11: Magic Kingdom (1/11/2021)
  • Part 12: EPCOT (available 12/26/20)
  • Part 13: Animal Kingdom (available 12/26/20)
  • Part 14: Hollywood Studios (available 12/26/20)
  • Part 15: Universal Orlando
  • Part 16: Water Parks (available 12/27/2020)
  • Part 17: Shopping (available 12/27/2020)

I’d appreciate any comments and feedback, especially about errors. If you’re going to do that, please start your post with the title of the chapter, so everyone knows what’s being discussed.

Thank you all for helping with this very unusual edition.


Hi @len!
I’ve read through your first two test chapters and only skimmed the rest.
It looks great and I like the covid tips boxes that you’ve added.
My only comment about it so far, is in the covid chapter where you mention state quarantine, it might be worth mentioning the potential quarantine for arriving in the country, not just the state. I honestly don’t even know what’s going on with foreign travel just now, I just know I’m not coming stateside anytime soon, but that section doesn’t hold much relevance for anyone outside the US as it stands.
Excited you’re making a new edition though. Perhaps I can trade in my 2020 UOR guide that I bought back in January for it…!! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Good point.
For many of us Canadians, the mandatory 14-day quarantine when we return home from the US is a deal breaker and at this time only one Province is running a pilot project granting exemptions based on test results.


What is your timeframe for feedback? I have a few free hours coming up before the 25th so should be able to have a look through your galleys - I had a colleague proof read an XML file guide I wrote earlier in the year so would be good to return the favour.

End of the month would be great. Thanks!

I’m starting to look through - curious if artifacts like the one below are ok in this stage of publishing or if it is evidence of an issue?


It’s a placeholder - we’re not quite done with some tables and charts yet.


Are the charts here backwards? Planning section, I think you can see the pages


Yeah, they’d make more sense if they flipped pages. I’ve noted that. Thanks!

Planning: gathering information 25: your planning timeline.

I am questioning the 180 day booking. There were some questions about this on chat recently if anyone thinks that dining will go back to 180. Do you have some info that tells you these will not align with the 60 days? Dessert parties have always been listed under dining, do you think they will be a different category? Can you note that upon suspension it was 180 but that could change? Are plaid tours 180?

I cannot tell you how many readers post on TP “the book said… and it is wrong”, I think some sort of general disclaimer might help. We all know you publish updates as they become available, but maybe a general reference to check those updates?


I’d love to see the comments of folks who say “the book said … and it is wrong.” We’d fix those, obviously.

I don’t think we’re sure on the 180-day windows for any of those things. I can note that they’re likely to change in that timeline section.

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The last example was the info about IG I think but generally it has been, “the book said my room request would be sent five days but now it is too late”. Generally, your guide is “the law”. If it says dessert parties can be booked at 180 days (rarely has ever been true) people will be disappointed (it might seem silly in a covid world, but I expect getting back to planning will be a comfort for many).

Could you at least remove “theme park dessert parties” from the 180 day list? In pre-Covid days many of us would track those releases. Each park was different with usually MK releasing earlier but EP sometimes released 30-60 days before the date ?

I can’t speak to theme park dessert parties, but I recently inquired about cabana rental and they told me I’d have to check back in at the 60-day mark (i.e., just like ADRs).

Cabana rentals are classified as Enchanting Extras like VIP tours and fishing. Not sure if all of that was formerly 180-day and is Pandemic 60-day but that was the impression the Cast member gave me.


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Noted in the text. Thanks!

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Thanks! I would worry about that for weeks ( since I am in fact, crazy).


I assume actually rating the Disney & Pixar Film Festival in the Epcot section is on purpose this year. :wink:

Yeah, and the comments remain the same.

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Covid updates.
I have not been to the parks but I have asked friends about the Disney masks. Aren’t the reusable Disney masks around $10? I could be completely wrong but thought I would mention it.


P.10 - Water Parks: You’ve probably already updated this, but Disney has announced that Blizzard Beach is the park that is opening March 7th. Perhaps you could say no opening date has been announced for Typhoon Lagoon.

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