2021 Predictions

We cancelled a trip last April and are thinking of rescheduling this year. We are not frequent visitors to any Disney parks, so we want to wait until everything is “back to normal.”

What are your predictions for return dates of the following?

  • Masks not required

  • Fast Pass Plus

  • Fireworks

  • Character greetings

Has Disney put out any information that would include guidelines/metrics they are using to inform their decision-making on these?

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Welcome! Great to have you here!

No and they probably won’t. That’ll be proprietary info they keep in house.

However, many of us here live & breathe this kind of stuff so the moment any one knows anything the Touring Plan forums is a pretty good place to check! We tend to post about the rumors & news all day.

IMHO - With Oct.being the start of the WDW 50th Celebration I wouldn’t be surprised to see more things coming back. However, with the way things are going it may be even early 2022 or so before it’s back to “normal”. (Again, no actual official information, just my opinion from stuff I see and hear)