2021 Points Charts are out

Yep, they’re here!

Look on your notifications to find them.

For WDW there are now seven seasons, so points for some dates have increased, others have decreased.


I have been looking at them. I still think they are behind on some of the seasons. Do you think that October-November time of year is so busy because of low points, or because of Food and Wine, fall breaks, and MNSSHP? I still think that should be a higher point season than the weeks after Easter (late April).


Has the mutiny begun?

I don’t think there will be a mutiny. It is the type of adjustment I think all direct owners were told could happen?

I agree with you. But there is surely going to be some hubbub. Perhaps even wailing and flailing.

My guess is that Oct-Nov is just such a pleasant time to be in Orlando, whereas June-Sept is like visiting the literal surface of the sun.

Sigh. This will be interesting.

I have been looking at the charts and I think I like this adjustment because, unlike last year, this is exactly what I was told could happen when I first started looking at DVC. I was told that at any time points could be adjusted at different times of the year but I could count on the fact that if I bought 120 points to travel a week during the year, if my usual time of travel increased, I could count on another time of the year being within those points.

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