2021 Crowd Calendar and Plans

Are the crowd calendars a complete bust, at least until covid restrictions are lifted? I’m struggling to understand the dichotomy I’m seeing between the crowd calendar and a touring plan I have. Specifically I’m planning for DCA on 5/26 with a calendar of level “8”, yet the longest predicted line with an optimized plan is RSR and it’s 15 minutes, not once but twice during the day (would love to ride twice, I think it’s a blast). I get similar results for DLR on 5/27. Crowd Calendar shows an “8”, but most ride wait times are 10 minutes or less. The nail in the coffin for me that the crowd calendar is “broken”, or maybe the optimized plans, or both is the first Saturday and Sunday after avengers open and most schools start to let out for summer (June 5/6) is listed as a “1” for both parks but ticket prices are tier 5. I know even without covid crowds are unpredictable but are all the tools (crowd calendar and optimized plans) basically useless right now?

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IMHO - They don’t have any data right now on what DLR is going to be like. They are mostly guessing / using trends from WDW. It took them 2 - 3 months into COVID reopening at WDW to get the CLs to be somewhat accurate and about 4 - 6 months before they were reliable.


Not to mention the usually have far less data to draw from at DLR compared to WDW, so it will most likely take far longer to get them up and running.


A lot less. I can’t wait to start adding wait times to help get a feel for what the new CC numbers are going to look like :blush:


Haha, well I think the pendulum swung too far the other way, now all I see is crowd levels of 1’s and 2’s.

Figured it was a pretty wild guess at this point. It’d be interesting to know if they are using WDW metrics to try and model something. My gut tells me it would be best ti use WDW as starting point and then weight it with ticket prices, current reservation availbility and a touch of historical influence.

Thanks for insight everyone. Looking forward to everyones experiences in the coming weeks.

Crowds of 1 and 2 might be closer to accurate. They are opening to limited capacity…so just like even when all park reservations are gone at WDW, the CLs are low, the same is going to be true to some extent at DL. As they increase park capacity, the CLs will creep up eventually.

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