2020 Keys to the Kingdom

Just did Keys the Kingdom.
5 hour tour and includes lunch at Pecos Bill’s quick service. Special lapel pin as a souvineer. Did a few rides walk-on.

Really Liked 3/4 of it. Bored out of my mind through other parts.

Back stage at the parade starting, and float storage … Waaaaay too much time and trivial details on floats … and standing for it. Most in our group lost interest and the guide was not “reading their audience” well.

Underground Utilidors (which are not Underground) were of course interesting … But a lot of discussion of pictures on the walls about Walt and Roy O. Good discussion, but just had that discussion up at the Roy and Minnie bench, at City Hall, to start the tour. Not sure why we spent time on it again.

Overall - Disney Park history fans, and trivia fans will enjoy it. We did. But probably not for everyone.

Standing and walking all 5 hours with a 30 minute seated lunch.


I have to agree with you. Did it for the first time last summer and it was a one and done for me. Some interesting trivia, but not enough for the price. Would have liked more behind the scenes peeks. Burning questions I had were answered with “I dont know”. I love everything Disney, but it is expensive considering you have to pay for your park ticket as well.