2020 DDP World Showcase Quick Service

Aack! I ran across a list of participating DDP restaurants for 2020 and it looks like almost all of the World Showcase quick service restaurants have dropped from the list? (Katsura, Tangierine, Cantina de San Angel, Lotus Blossum…). Does anyone know if this is finalized? We are now seriously rethinking using the DDP for our Jan 2020 trip since these are some of our favorites. Part of our decision for booking at Beach Club was to have easy access to these restaurants.

It always seems like the WS restaurants are added last. Sometimes not even until Feb of the year in question, even though the dining plan has been accepted in Jan. They will be taking the dining plan.


We had a similar concern for a March trip one year. The dining plan list wasn’t showing a lot of restaurants that are usually on it even into January! As @missoverexcited said, it is especially true for the World Showcase restaurants. I would say that you can be pretty confident that they will still accept the dining plan if they are on the list for 2019. We did not have any problems.

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