2019 tax assessments

These are out.

Owners of CCV may want to sit down and take a deep breath. Partly accounted for by more inventory being declared, but even so it’ll take your breath away.

I’m sure Disney will appeal it again.

It is funny because last year I thought there was something about CC being over valued and the projection came in as a decrease (in fact it increased). I will wait to compare my CC and BWV bills😳

I have no idea how much of the increase is to do with the declarations or not. I guess we have to wait and see a) the final assessment and b) the dues.

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Can you explain this in layman’s terms? I am considering buying into DVC but still in the research phase. Trying to understand - will all newly built properties experience something similar with taxes and assessments?

When you buy DVC you pay annual dues. These dues are set per point and cover maintenance fees and property tax. I think the fear is that Copper Creek dues will increase significantly due to this new tax assessment.

Here is the 2019 summary:


Dues are set per point.