2019 packages and reservations

Did a quick search and haven’t found anything. When should 2019 dates be available for online bookings?

Yes! They were released a last month?

hmmm, when I go to “price your vacation”, it won’t let me go past December 2018. I’m not really ready to book, just start comparing some pricing.

I go into MDE. Then I go to “places to stay”. It allows you to pick 2019 dates and packages are a choice.

for Disneyland?

Sorry, no! I heard last week, those should be released in August! Sorry!

okay, at least it’s not me. I can wait. I’d almost be tempted to squeeze in a trip in 2018 just since that’s whats currently available. but not as realistic unfortunately…


I must get back to see Paint the Night again! Trying to finagle another trip at the end of August.


What does MDE stand for? I’m new here and trying to figure out when I can book for 2019. Thanks!

My Disney Experience. That’s the platform for all things WDW

Our agent with Mouse Counselors was able to book for January 2019 yesterday, but only on the phone. I don’t believe it’s available online yet.

It’s up and running online now! I started look at our 2019 trip on Wednesday. :slight_smile:


Yup DL is out for 2019! Contact your friendly neighborhood Liner TA to book and help out! Just booked GC for July 2019 for us! Can’t wait!

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