2019 Halloween Party Ticket Entrance Time

Are guests still able to enter at 4 pm for the 2019 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (at MK)?

We are planning on using only the party ticket on our party day. I have a 4:55 pm ADR at Liberty Tree Tavern the day-of the party. I want to be sure we can make it.

It is included in this DCV announcement


4:00 general entry, 2:00 DVC


I’m guessing so. They’ve already announced that DVC members can enter at 2pm, so it makes sense that entry is 4pm for other guests.

I’ve always wondered what time can guests who RD at MK and are going to stay for the party can get their wristbands? On my next trip I’m going to do MK all day on a MVMCP date for my birthday and want to plan out a break to go back to Town Square to get the wristband.

We were at MK before MNSSHP started last year and we got our wristbands in Adventureland near the stage with pirate training with Captain Jack Sparrow. I don’t remember the exact time, but it probably wasn’t much later than 4.

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In 2016 we picked up our party wristbands just after 4 in Fantasyland near Philharmagic. I think they have one place in each land to get wristbands if you’re staying?

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Make sure you go through the trail behind Main Street if you are in the park . You have to enter from Town Square

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I had heard this somewhere once. Thanks for reminding me. I would prefer to not have to come all the way back to the front of the park if I don’t have too. :smiley: