2019 free DDP dates

Morning folks,
Has anyone got any idea as to when the free DDP dates for 2019 get released.

In the past it’s been towards the end of April

Historical Disney World Resort Discounts

But, I would expect that if there is such an offer at all, it will be very narrow in its window, value, and/or resorts offered. They just have no incentive to offer it at this time with resorts booked up.

I’m still waiting for the remainder of 2018 to be released!


I agree with @OBNurseNH, economy is good and resorts are well booked. I love free dining bc of my large family but I’m not expecting much if anything this year and beyond that not sure if any free dining will be available.

We’ll see though! I’d love to be wrong!

And FWIW Free Dining is usually not your best savings anyway! People flock to it because it’s “free” but it means you’re paying rack rate (read: highest price!) for the room, which usually ends up costing you more.


Absolutely! Gotta crunch the numbers and look at MVT quotes! I think that’s my biggest deal this time around!

Are you in the UK? It was first week in April here the last 2 years, third week in April the year before. I am waiting impatiently!

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Thanks for the replies, good advice.
Yes in the UK, Used the dining plan for the first time last December and found it great value for money.

I never understand this argument. If you are using the room discount, then you are paying for all your food. For some families, free dining saves more money than room discount. When we did it, we saved $1100 with the free dining. Room discount, we would have saved about a couple hundred. And yes, we planned on getting the dining plan regardless due to our ADRs for our trip.

I do agree though that free dining is becoming more restrictive and Disney seems to be fading it out.

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My TA always warned me it may not be the best discount and both years she did the calculations (as did I) and we saved over 1K because we have to feed 5 of us. So she ate crow both years!

But because free dining was only QS at mods and values last year and the Deluxes were so restrictive I had to look at other avenues to save so we could still go for our trip this year. We are doing MVT Labor Day exclusive and getting our Poly room for the price of standard POR room. Yes we will pay OOP for food but after my kids got sick on our trip last year we all realized following the dining plan can get super restrictive for a group that want to go all day and doesn’t really enjoy QS food nor do any of us drink soda or dessert every meal. So I don’t think OOP will be too bad as I’ve already priced it all out. That’s what we all have to do to make the best decision! Price out the way you eat and what you enjoy and can afford to have a magical time!

We are also outgrowing the moderates in sleeping arrangements (DS is 12 and growing like a weed so can barely fit on the pull downs and DD’s only sleep together). After this graduation celebration trip we are going to take a break for a bit until all the construction and rides are finished. I want to come back in 2021 and I highly doubt I will find any kind of discount! But you know I’ll be looking!

That makes sense. And when we went, it was in 2016 with 5 people as well. I just don’t understand when people make a big deal about paying rack rate when they save money on food, which can be a better deal. You have to do the numbers and figure out what saves you the most money for your family’s needs. We are using MVT for our May trip and saving a good bit of money for POR. My kids are younger and all boys so we are good with the moderate at this point. My kids are also still Disney kids and they and my DH like to eat. So we are doing the dining plan for this year.

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Because if you stay value but want the full dining plan you have to pay to upgrade. And they have required hoppers in the past too which adds on a heap for families who otherwise wouldn’t get them. If you don’t have 5 people over age 3 in a room then it’s less advantageous too (5 dining plans frees 2 or 3).

I didn’t say it NEVER saves, it just rarely is the best savings you can get and it’s worth figuring it out from all angles.


I learned a trick they have a program called bounce back you can go rent a cheap room must be on property for day or two call bounce back program for when your real reservations I understand they have discounts on rooms and possible free dining.