2019 Early Morning Magic Wait Times

I was wondering if anyone here has done early morning magic (the 745 entry extra paid ticket event) in the last year or so and could let me know what the wait times were like.

It seems that a couple years ago everyone talked about the rides being walk-ons, and being able to do 7DMT repeatedly, but now I’ve seen some things about 10-20 minute waits. I’m not looking to ride 7DMT 8 times, but would ideally like to do it 2-3 times, plus a ride or two on Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, and princess meet and greets.

If anyone could give me their experience, what rides they were able to do, approximate waits etc, that would be really helpful, thanks!

I did EMM at HS for TSL and there were no lines. I think there were 500 ticketed so with breakfast offered and three attractions going, there were no waits. I rode SDD with my DD3 three times straight and we might have waited for 10 minutes.


We did MK EMM and it was pretty much walk-on for everything but 7DMT. That seems to be the big draw, but after about the first half hour, the line dwindled down to pretty much nothing.

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I did MK EMM in early June 2019 and we rode 7DMT first with no wait. Then we headed to Peter Pan, no wait. Then we headed back to 7DMT and there were people in the line but we never stopped walking and got on without stopping. Then Winnie the Pooh no wait. I remember reading about lines before we went and was worried, but had no problems.

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We did the MK EMM on Sunday 7/14. They let everyone in the park at 7:45, we stopped for a quick photopass picture in front of the castle and then went to meet all 4 princesses with no wait. The CM’s had announced on our walk in that 7DMT was down and was not going to open right away. It was still down after we met the princesses, so we went to Peter Pan with maybe a 2 min wait. We walked back over to 7DMT and it must have just started running because there was no wait. We ended up riding 7DMT 6-7 more times. The wait was never more than 8 minutes and the closer it go to 9, there was no wait and on our last ride we were the only people riding. Also, during our 7DMT rides, my DH and DD5 went to WTP with no wait while DD8 and I kept riding 7DMT.

At 9 we watched the huge crowd of people rush to 7DMT and we walked over to HM. Then we got in line for the Aladdin and Jasmine M&G (well, DH waited in line while we rode magic carpets).

After that, we made it to breakfast around 9:50 and thought all the food (except the eggs) were fine.

I thought it was worth it because 7DMT is my DD5’s favorite ride. And we got to meet the princesses with no wait.

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