2018 UG - Hollywood Plans?


I saw in a post from 2015 that the UG had some touring plans for USH, and when I went on amazon I couldn’t find any info about that. Just wondering if anyone knows if that is the case.

Thank you !

Per Amazon’s site, about the Unofficial Guide to Disneyland, the third item on the publisher’s list of top ten ways the book can help you plan your trip, “3. Comprehensive coverage of Universal Studios Hollywood.”

Since the WDW book also covers Universal’s parks in Florida, including a few touring plans, I think the California book would be similar.

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Oooo thank you! I didn’t think to look at Disneyland but that makes sense. I will grab a copy since we may head there in the fall.
Thank you again!

Yes we went to DL in August 2017 and I got the guide. It has a chapter for USH and a touring plan as well.

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