2018 Garden Grocer


Most of the posts i’m seeing for having groceries delivered to your WDW Resort are from 2017 or later … wondering if anyone has any tips, opinions or options to order? i see some newer posts discussing Amazon Pantry ~ will Amazon deliver to a WDW Resort? This is for a Polynesian stay in July 2018 … thank you!


If you want an Amazon delivery, you want to order from amazon Prime Now. Otherwise you will be charged $5 per package in delivery fees. Other alternatives include Garden grocer and Instacart. We used Instacart last fall and the experience was okay. We have a few weird substitutions but it was significantly cheaper than Garden Grocer for us.


We’ve used Garden Grocer and Instacart from Publix. Both got us what we wanted easily and with no issues with delivery. Instacart was about 20% cheaper than Garden Grocer.


This is from last year but it is very helpful


There was a post last week on chat that someone’s credit card was compromised with Instacart and another liner’s order was cancelled. I pay the extra for Garden Grocer just because my son and his girlfriend want alcohol and I like the garden grocer process.


I’ve used Garden Grocer for every visit and have an order ready for our August 2018 trip.

I will say one of the most awesome things is I didn’t have to try very hard to do this year’s order - I could just choose “reorder” from 2016 and edit from there. We are staying at BCV and so we bought breakfast items for every day and dinners for a few nights (frozen pizza, frozen lasagna, etc.)


I was worried about trying something different (have done Garden Grocer in the past), but I used Instacart and paid far less for the same results. No issues at all for me, and I saved probably 30%.


I’ve used Prime Now three times and have been happy. I get water and breakfast food. We eat all our other meals in the park.


We used Garden Grocer every trip for over ten years, but switched to Prime Now a few trips ago. Great selection, cheaper and most importantly (for us), much better delivery options. We generally stay for two weeks at a time, so re-order some items part way through. This was a hassle with Garden Grocer since we had to pre-book that order in advance. With Prime Now I place the order on a day that suits me and have it delivered two hours later. :+1:

The only thing they don’t do is alcohol, but it still works out cheaper to buy some wine from the resort than to use Garden Grocer twice in one stay…


@JenniferB1975 - that’s exactly what i’m thinking for my brother’s trip – water and breakfast food.


very helpful, @thekid ~ thank you!


Do you have to be in your room for the delivery or do they drop it with bell services? I want to order food for the week but also want to go to the park when we get there.


For Garden Grocer they drop the order at bell services and text you. I have always had to call from my room to have the order brought to my room. Others have reported that sometimes it has been delivered (bumpy bell services) to the room without the call.


Thanks! Just trying to figure out a delivery time for when we’ll be at the resort. Your response is helpful!


Pick the time closest to when you’ll be there. Has always worked well for us


Thank you! I put my order in and I thought. I put one time slot in but when I confirmed a different one was showing. We didn’t buy too much so hopefully it won’t matter. We’ll be “around.