2018 Disney standard dining plan

Is one alcoholic beverage included in the table service credit when it is use for a buffet/all you care to enjoy dinner?

It was for us when we were there in January.

eta: The alcoholic beverage was for adults >21. For Disney ‘adults’ <21, a specialty beverage was available. Our kids got fun lemonades, lava smoothies, etc.

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I have questions about this, and I haven’t seen anyone post about it who has been there!

Is any alcoholic beverage included? Or is there a price limit?

At quick service meals, Can one adult go up to order and get 2 alcoholic beverages? Like husband goes to order while I get kids settled at table, but he can get a beer with his meal and mine? Or do I also have to go to window to order/ show ID?

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The alcoholic beverage was only included in the dining plan for Table Service meals. I don’t know the limits on ordering alcohol at QS meals, but if you did so, you would pay for them out of pocket.

As for price limit on the alcoholic beverages, at 'Ohana, we were able to order anything other than the drinks that come in the pineapples. At our other meals, I ordered rye Manhattans. My husband ordered a beer once, a Manhattan once, and a gin drink once. We didn’t ask for specific liquor brands.

I hope that helps!