2016 tentative MVMCP dates

Continuing the discussion from Ridiculously early question re MVMCP 2016:

new to posting on the site; loving it. here’s my problem: i looked but i didn’t see anything, and the internet isn’t speculating, but i’m hoping to plan another trip this coming fall to catch the food & wine fest, MNSSHP, and MVMCP. my daughter and i have done it 3 years running and so far, it’s our favorite time to go. but i’m not finding any tentative dates to plan. this normally wouldn’t be a problem, but i’m looking into possibly renting points for a deluxe villa this year instead of your usual stay at pop, and it’s my understanding that once a date is chosen, those are set in stone.

so there’s my problem: i don’t want to leave too early and miss the MVMCP; that’s our favorite party. looking over the last few year’s dates, it appears that start on usually friday, with last year starting a sunday. i know how that will pan out this year, with halloween being on a sunday this year and with leap year, it’s really thrown the dates off. any ideas as to a TENTATIVE start date this year? i know it’s a guess, but i really want to get the ball rolling. thanks so much.

I went back and looked at the last 5 years. Every single time the first MVMCP was exactly 7 days after the last MNSSHP (I.e, last MNSSHP Nov 1, first MVMCP Nov 8). The issue is trying to figure out when the last MNSSHP date is and will it be on Oct 31 or will they do any after that date. In 2011, 2013, and 2015, they did the last one on Nov 1. In 2012, the last one was Nov 2. Only in 2014 was the last one Oct 31. The earliest calendar date they started the MVMCP was Nov 7 in 2014. The other years were either Nov 8 or 9. This year, Oct 31 is a Monday. The last 4 years they had the final party be on the weekend. Only in 2011 did they have the final party be on a Tues (Nov 1) which was also the last time Oct 31 was on a Monday like it is this year. Based on their schedule the last 5 years, this would indicate either Mon Nov 7 or Tues Nov 8 as the first MVMCP if their 7 day gap in-between holds true again. Unless they make an exception, it looks like this year a weekend to weekend trip wouldn’t be able to hit both parties.

Thanks indybill. That’s what I was thinking; I was leaning more toward 11/8 since they’ll need time to flip from Halloween to Xmas. I really hate (lol) to have such a long trip, especially with taking my daughter out of school, but either of those days were what I was thinking. I’ve tentatively planned 10/31-11/9 at pop, with the hope that they announce the dates fairly soon & I can adjust as necessary to the villa. Thanks for the answer.