2015 Un offical Disney World Guide

Just got the new guide. Just wondering what is new from last edition and where to look for it? I started looking through it and saw much of the same as last edition. I still like it and saw some interesting new info in it in the first few pages.

Len it looks like a great new edition. Thank you.

I read the Kindle version last week. The Universal Orlando section is full of new stuff. A lot of the FastPass+ stuff is new too.

I still need to get my copy! Thanks for the reminder :smile:

Here is a link to the blog post with Epcot rating changes for 2015. Follow the link on the post for other changes.

The Kindle edition is going to have automatic monthly updates. It seems like things change quickly at WDW so I decided it was worth having both prinl and Kindle. I’ll be interested to see what sorts of things are updated.