2015 Oct. - current bounce back offer

Anyone know/have a picture of the current bounce back offer?

I have no idea what it is, sorry. But had to ask, what is a bounce back offer??

So many ideas came into mind when I read that, I wasn’t sure. :open_mouth:

A bounce back offer is usually a discounted room offer for a future stay that you must book by your last day. Early in the year it usually has selected dates for the rest of the year. In the fall you can usually find an offer for free dining during the next year (selected dates). Usually it then changes to the offer for the following year. Discounts are usually up to 35% but can be limited to some higher level rooms (water view or club).

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So if I go in April 16 can I make a reservation for a trip for May 17 or is that typically too far out? I saw this the last time we were there (in 12) but didn’t look into it. This time I’m hoping they have the bb offer so I can do it but I was thinking the first two weeks of May because of when Easter 2017 falls

Typically has changed at some point in October to percent off room only reservation- but haven’t seen a confirmation of anything. We are in that ‘grey area’ where it changes over, so people are waiting on a report from someone that is there- it’s a waiting game at this point. Free dining had to be booked by 10/1/16- but don’t know if that is still the BB they are currently offering. You could call guest services at your hotel the week you are leaving and see what is posted, if anything. Another option is to keep checking out the disboards resort board- the community there is pretty active. I just checked before posting, though- no new information since September/ early October.

No, an April bounce back will offer dates in 2016. I have booked weekends in October and December during a May trip.