2014 Parties Most and Least Crowded and sell out dates


I know I am not imagining this. I saw a list of last year's MNSSHP and MVMCP with which dates sold out and how far in advance. Where did I see this?! @Brian Nichols help me!
Ha of course I found my answer as soon as I asked...TP emailed it out. Scroll down and find where I posted Christmas link. @Darth Dopey posted the Halloween. Super helpful.


FOUND IT!!!! It was in a touringplans email. Thanks TP!!!


I missed it... Did they post lasts years?






Thanks!!!' @DarthDopey


These links are really helpful. Every year special events become more and more popular so they may sell out sooner this year. I always say get the tickets as soon as you're sure of your dates.


Got mine as soon as they started selling them - I figured since we're doing it right on the 31st, it didn't make sense to wait. smile


Buying mine this weekend... Yay!!!! So excited!!!