$200 Statement Credit for New Disney Chase Cardholders- Edit: Now $250!

I found this today and @PrincipalTinker wisely suggested I share the link:

$200 statement credit if you charge $500 over three months with the Premier Disney Visa ($49 annual fee)

or $50 statement credit for the Fee-free Disney Visa

Thanks! That is a little different ! You can get the $200 credit for the no fee one with a referral.

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I am going to assume that most liners on this list still refer

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That’s a better deal, for sure!

I like the $200 Disney gift card that I got with mine several months ago. Will be using it in December!


The Chase Sapphire is a a really great general travel card, but these Disney cards are fabulous for WDW, I must admit.

I just want to let ppl know the statement credit is now up to $250!!
$49 annual fee. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/visa-card/?trackcode=617R01&mobtrackcode=6LLM01&offer=Save250

Since I just got my card and haven’t used it yet, I wonder if they’ll let me have the $250?

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Doesn’t hurt to call!

I’ve seen similar situations mentioned on reddit credit card churning forums where the bonus changed right as someone got their card - reports went both ways on trying to get the new bonus applied.

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Interesting. When I signed up a few months back there was no annual fee. Now there is. Makes the value drop considerably because in two years that is about $100.

I also cannot find online how you recommend someone for an additional $50 bonus. They seem to have dropped that?

I also noticed the deal is no longer 2% back on almost all purchases. Now it is 2% on some kinds of purchases, but other purchases as just 1%. I am glad I got my card when I did. Seems like the deal is significantly worse all around now.

I was going to refer my son, but not with the current deal they have.

There are two cards. I have the no fee card. If you get a referral you can get a $200 statement credit for the no fee card. There is 1% on all purchases. I have this as my secondary card and mainly put Disney or my work travel expenses on that card.

The $250 credit is for the card with the fee. I have never been able to make that work for me.

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Things must change. I went online just now, and there are two cards. But the one with an annual fee is the one I got, except I don’t have an annual fee. But I got the $200 gift card for spending $500 in the first three months, and I got $50 for adding my wife to the card.

I don’t even see a $250 option now, just the $200, and there is an annual fee for the card where you spend at least $500.

I just double checked and I am only getting 1% not 2%. I thought I was getting 2%. No biggie there. But this means I have the no annual fee card, but got the $200 card for spending $500 which they don’t appear to be offering now on the no fee card

You have to use the link I provided that leads you to the application through the Disney website. It still says $250 statement credit. It works for me because I will cancel the card when I get back from Disney. We go infrequently enough that I can just apply again for another offer next time.

@PrincipalTinker I did what you suggested and gave them a call. The Chase rep asked if I had applied for the card through the Disney website or Chase website, which have different offers. I frankly couldn’t remember, so she said she’d “escalate” my request to someone higher up the food chain. We’re good Chase customers so I bet they figure out a way to honor my request but we’ll see.

By far, the best credit card for me remains the Chase Sapphire, I get 2% back on food & travel which is pretty much what I use my CC for these days, the points are worth more if you book airfare through their website, and they provide free travel insurance. It makes no sense to keep the Disney card after my trip when I have this one. But the Disney Visa is definitely worthwhile for me to use at Disney- just one day of savings at EPCOT DiveQuest makes it worth doing.

There is a $200 offer for the no fee card. Right night it is only through a referral but I referred someone recently and they did get the $200.

I searched the Disney Visa site and my account pages, but couldn’t find any mention of a referral bonus. Is there a secret link?

Anyhow, I got my $200 for spending the $500 and then $50 for adding my wife. But the no fee card now no longer has that offer…only the premier card does. Very weird.

I would like to refer my son for the bonus, but not sure it is worth it for him if he only gets a $50 sign up bonus. Maybe I have to wait until they make the same offer I got.

Chase emails me the referral offers. The Southwest referrals are not a good offer for the new card holder and I would never share those offers these days. This is what the Disney email looks like:

You can use a Chase catch-all referral form to generate a link that should get the higher bonus.

I wrote up a post about in this thread last year:

I too got the email shown by @PrincipalTinker above back in September. Cancelled my DH’s account and referred him. He got the new card about 10 days later. Bought $500 in GCs plus a few items at Sam’s club and received the $200 statement credit at the end of that billing cycle. This method also earned me a $100 referral bonus.

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Thanks, @JJT.

Using the link, I see that the offer my son will receive is the same as what I signed up for, even though that isn’t otherwise explicitly offered from their website. (The $200 after $500 on the no fee card.)

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It’s odd they make people work so much for that referral link.