2 year old and a quick service credit

So I just put in our advance orders for Be Our Guest breakfast and lunch and saw where it said the checks can’t be split which isn’t really a problem except my wife, my 5 year old son and myself are all on the dining plan, my 2 year old daughter is not.

So my question is as long as we have quick service credits available will we be able to use them for all 4 meals at each sitting?

Your 2 year old can always spilt your meals. I woukd not use a credit since you do not get 4 credits every meal.

When it says that checks cannot be split, it means two if you cannot use credits, and two pay cash. You have to pay all credi, or all cash. You could order two adult meals each time and split them between the 4 of you if you want.

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My two year old is in the 87th percentile in height and weight. So she’ll easily eat her own meal.

We plan on paying for her out of pocket all of the time but we’d prefer to use a QS credit for her at the BOG breakfast and lunch.

You can use your QS credits for whoever you want . You could use them on a stranger if you want. There are no restrictions.