2 sets of magic bands

Our first night is a RO ressie and hoping to get our tix for that sat early but I was looking on mde today and noticed we can get MB’s for our first night as well as the rest of our trip which is a pkg. should I go ahead and get these as well as the other ones? What have others done in this circumstance?

They’ll send both no matter what so you might as well customize them. It’s nice to have different colors and all MBs linked to your profile will be interchangeable.

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So both sets will have all my stuff on them?

Yes! You’ll have both listed as “active” in MDE. All your information is linked to your profile, not stored on the band. The bands just access that profile.

We booked a split stay AoA/CSR and then added a day to the AoA ressie separately, so we received 3 sets. I was worried that it would get confusing so I called to request only one set. A CM to me that they are interchangeable and that there is no way to cancel a MB order.

Ok thanks for the info guys! Liners rock!

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