2 questions about ADRs

  1. Will we be able to make an ADR for dinner in MK during MNSSHP if we don’t have tickets for that night’s party?

  2. Can I make an ADR for resort character breakfast at 180 + 10 days if it is on our check out day? Or will I have to wait for 180 before that day?


You won’t be able to make an ADR for a time after the party starts, I know that for sure. You can make one for before the party starts, and then as soon as you’re finished you’ll be ushered from the park.

How long is your trip? If your last day falls within the 180 + 10 then there should be no issue making an ADR on your last day.

Thank you! It is a five night trip, so sounds like it will be fine. A little more Mickey before we head to the airport! I will try for 6:45 on MNSSHP night…

They start “agressively” herding people out of the park around 6:30, and MS is a total gridlock. Personally, I would make my ADR for 6:00 vice 6:45. After last year’s experience, I would actually want to be completely clear of the park by 6:00 and eat at a resort…

I agree with @bswan26, you will not be able to stay for a ADR that close to the party. Go for six, this way you are safe and get to enjoy your meal.

Im sure last adr for non ticket holders is now 6.30 or 6.15. You got a message when booking ADRs for party nights last year telling you you needed a ticket for your reservation.