2 People Booking FP at Same Time?

My strategy for getting fast passes was to have both myself and my hubs logged into our MDE accounts (linked together/same reservation) the morning of our FP selection. And each of us would be responsible for grabbing certain passes.
I called Disney tech support (for a different issue) and I got chatting with a very nice cast member and he said that when 2 people try to book at the same time, the system can be really glitchy. He said it can appear that you’ve both grabbed passes but when you refresh the system, they aren’t there. He recommended only one person be logged in at one time for FP selection.

So is this true? Anyone else have any luck with more than one person booking FP at the same time?

(I apologize if this question has been asked a million times…I’m newer to the site.)

I find that one person on the laptop and one person on the app has the best results.
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