2 parks 1 day in Sep no express but no coasters?

Hello!! I’d like your advice if I can manage doing 2 parks in 1 day without the express in September, but note I will not be riding on anything with a steep drop. Is this doable then?

No is the short answer. Look at the premium tp on here . There is a 1 day 2 park highlights and a 1 day 2 park wwohp plan. If you use these 2 as a base and work from them to do a personalised plan it will give you an idea of what you can do or miss. I have done a 3 day visit w/o express and still missed a few shows and a few rides and this was before DA opened. BUT you can do A LOT in 1 day following a TP and being there at rd just not everything. There are about 40 rides and shows between the 2 parks not including Hogsmead, the DA shows and Olivanders etc.

I would say yes, but you WILL have to skip some things. You’ll have to make several tough choices, but it is do-able. I hope you enjoy it!