2 Park Touring Plans?

Have a single day to hit the highlights of both parks. Will be traveling by myself, so I can use the single rider lines and move quickly from place to place, including hopping back and forth to grab FPs if need be. Are there any touring plans developed for such a trip?


As far as I know, there are not. I’ve done the “2 parks in one day” on a number of occasions, but as I am very familiar with both parks, I kind of use the “not a touring plan TP” approach. I’m assuming that you are NOT staying on site. If that assumption is correct, see which park has EE, and do RD at the other park.

Have you been to DLR before, or is this a first time? Are you a WDW vet?

Single rider lines are very good at DLR; you shouldn’t need to worry about FPs for any of those. One exception - Soarin’. The SRL is very slow for this attraction; I definately recommend doing it either at RD or with a FP.

You’ll probably have to choose between the night-time shows (unless you want to skip them entirely and take advantage of shorter lines and do more attractions). All 3 are very good, but I recommend World of Color at DCA - probably the most spectacular night-time show I’ve seen anywhere.

Happy to answer any specific questions that you may have.

Yeah, would not be staying onsite, probably one of the places nearby.

I’m a WDW vet that has been to Disneyland twice – once for 5 days last spring, and then again for one day last July when I happened to be in the area. Just did Disneyland park on that day, though, did not try to hop.

I LOVE World of Color, and I think it’s the best show Disney has going right now that I’ve seen. With that said, I’m probably going to target the fireworks show at Disneyland, since I gather it’s new for the 60th.

Thanks for the tip re Soarin’ and SLRs!