2 Park in 1 Day TPs?

With the opening of DA in US and the connectivity of the HE to Hogsmead, are there any thoughts about a TP that allows someone to see all of the HP attractions in one day? I’ll have 2-day PH tickets. I was thinking 1st day go to DA at EE, ride Gringotts, tour DA, and then take the HE to Hogsmead and do all of the ExPass attractions there. Then finish touring IOA. On 2nd day, ride FJ during EE, revisit anything else in Hogsmede, then take the HE to DA, tour some there, and then finish up the rest of US. Does this sound like a workable plan?


I’d do a ‘Harry Potter day’ and explore DA and WWoHP in one day and the rest of the attractions whenever you’re done. The wait time for FJ may be long but the queue is so beautiful I always forget about the time waiting. I haven’t seen DA in person but the pictures I’ve seen show a tremendous amount of details you don’t want to miss

Seth Kuberksy is working on one - he mentioned it in the last line here:

I’ve heard that the queue for FJ is amazing. How long a line would you join and be able to enjoy the queue, but not feel like you were wasting too much time in line?

@Skubersky’s plans are now available on the site. Your strategy sounds good. I’d plan on spending a good 3-5 hours in DA, especially if you’re going to try the food and the interactive windows.

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I’m no expert but our wait was 30 min first time on FJ and it was just about right. We could take pictures but was never bored feeling like we were just in line. We might have been able to do 40 but 20 would not have been enough time. We’re huge HP fans though.


It takes a good 30 min to take in all the details in the FJ queue. If the line is much more than that, ask for the “castle tour” and then transfer to single rider. You’ll see 80% of the line with 20% of the wait!

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My new 1-day/2-park and 2-day/2-park plans will be published on the blog in a few days, and you can already find some of them in the premium plans in Lines.


Thank you @Skubersky Will be going in Nov, and although I have already done TPs for the WDW part of the trip, I’ve been holding off on UOR to see how DA and HE would change the dynamics…

We are planning to use the same strategy as @pikapika…1 day of mainly HP, 1 day of mainly everything else, and an evening of only HP shops.

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@bswan26 I am planning to do exactly what you said here. First day with EE: DA, EFG, and when done there take HE to IOA, where we will do everything that has express pass. Day 2 EE: Hogsmeade and FJ, then take HE to Uni where we will do everything there with express pass. We have been to Hogsmeade twice now, so don’t need to spend as much time there. One evening we will spend around DA, and to hopefully watch the nighttime show since it wasn’t showing during our trip. Other evening in HM. Let me know how it goes if you do it this way.

@bswan26. I’m planning on that same strategy. It seems the best way to handle the EE.

ICYMI, here are the 1day/2 park plans: