2 park, 2 day touring plan? Also, showtimes for beyond tomorrow!?

I have the new Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando and in it is a 2 day, 2 park touring plan. But all I see when I look at the touringplans.org site is plans for EACH park (not combined). Help?

Also, there are no show times for anything beyond Saturday 12/5 – are there really no shows next week?? That’s when we will be there and I know Universal is slow to post times and details but this seems ridiculous?

Thank you, experts!

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You need to do one of each park and line up your exit/entry times
They are under adult plans for each park near the bottom I think If you go into day 1 part 1 they have detailed instructions and links to the next park. You will end up with 4 plans over 2 days.
Show times don’t change very much but should be released tommorow for next week. Check out uni website for the concert schedule.

Show schedule: https://www.universalorlando.com/Resort-Information/Showtimes.aspx

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