2 hour breaks?

Hey Y’all. I’m having trouble with some of my personalize plans lately. From time to time, the computer will show the break between attractions as more than 2 hours. This latest one is a 144 minute break after my first attraction of the day (actually arriving at MK at 6pm with EMH til 12am). I can move the attractions around and evaluate, but then I know I’m not getting a smart touring plan.

I can tell that it has to do with the anchored meal time, but I don’t know what to do about it.

Any hints.

It might be that you don’t have enough attractions to fill the time. The software puts attractions in at the time you’ll have the shortest wait, and if that means a 2 hour gap it doesn’t see that as a problem (as I understand it, no expert here!)

Try either putting in more attractions or making the finish time earlier would be my advice.

Anyone else want to chip in?

If you edit the plan to make it public and then post a link to the plan it will be easier to figure out why it’s happening. Don’t worry no one can change it but you, it just lets people see it.

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Have you moved the end of your day earlier to see what happens?

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Yup. Seen posts like this several times lately. Adding attractions would help: typically low wait, high compacity attractions would fit nicely into busy times. I usually have the opposite issue and end up having to remove steps.


Here’s the plan for your review. http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=1064618

I was planning to hit everything in Tomorrowland that night so that we could focus on the rest of the park on our full day. But it’s plopping a 144 minute free time in before our dinner reservation.

It makes sense what you’re saying now, that the computer wants me to get the shortest waits which are after 10pm.

What if you add a few non-tomorrowland attractions before dinner? Like hit philharmagic and a couple of low-wait FL things en route to BOG?


When my Touring Plan gets “skewed” like this, I just make a mental note to re-optimize on the fly when I’m actually in the park and have completed an item … Trusting that it will point me where to go to next.


Use the force, eh @roguepixel?


Kid, I’ve park-hopped from one side of Disney World to the other, and I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff, but I’ve never seen anything to make me believe that there’s one all-powerful Touring Plan controlling everything. No mystical energy field controls my destiny. It’s all a lot of … simple tricks and nonsense.


Because the waits are so short during EMH it’s forcing that down there as the best possible plan but a couple of things might help that.

  1. Change the plan to ignore EMH which will recalculate using the time before your ADR.
  2. Manually move the items up before your ADR and use evaluate rather than optimize which will recalculate the wait times but won’t change the order of things.
  3. Add more attractions to your list.

Because you have relatively few items on the list it is leaving a big gap where it doesn’t have anything for you to do. Really it’s a good thing because what the TP is telling you is that you should be able to get a lot more done in those hours than what you’ve got planned.

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Cha-CHING! I didn’t expect a refund on time! :smile:

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Just slide the Tomorrowland attractions above the BOG reservation. Do this 1 at a time and evaluate after each move. Stop when you happy with the use of the 144 minutes. Then add attractions from other park lands to fill in the later part of your night.
When you do this use evaluate, not optimize.

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