2 FPP for same ride, same day after first 3 are used?

We just got back from WDW, and I have a question that I should have discovered the answer to on that trip, but it just never came up:

I know that when you pre-book your initial 3 FPP, you can’t choose the same ride twice (e.g. you can’t make 2 of your first 3 FPP for Splash Mountain). But once you’ve used your first 3, and are going into #4, #5, etc., can you at that point start choosing rides that you already got FPP for earlier?

Yes as long as there are FP times open for that ride. Same with tiers in HS and EP.

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Yep, learned this lesson over and over again – son wanted to just ride Buzz (not TSMM – Buzz) over and over and over and over and over.

You get the idea.

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