2 Days to Park Hop?

I’ve been looking at past posts about this topic and wanted some input from others. My DH and I are flying in on a Friday morning and staying at Universal Fri/Sat evening. Our plan is to get in early, check in (leave our bags since I would be shocked if the room is ready), and head into the park.

What I’m trying to now plan is whether we should park hop both days or focus on one park each day. I love Harry Potter, but don’t feel the need to dedicate an entire day to just that. Plus, I’ll need a mid-day break (last year I got a terrible sunburn and I learned if I don’t take a nap I am difficult to be around haha). I’m leaning toward both parks both days, but just need reassurance!

When you do HP, you’ll park hop for that. But if you’re not that into HP, you can easily do it all in a half of a day. Then, focus the rest of your day on one of the parks. Next day, focus on the other park, and only hop if you want to do something else again, or if you missed something.

No park hop = No Hogwart’s Express = :disappointed_relieved:


I was looking at the prices recently trying to decide if I should hop or not. But since you can only experience Hogwart’s Express with a P2P ticket, and Harry Potter is a focus of our visit, we need it for at least 1 day.

When I compared the cost of buying one 1-day standard ticket and one 1-day P2P ticket, it was within a few dollars of buying a 2-day P2P ticket. I don’t remember if it was a few dollars cheaper or a few dollars more, but the takeaway is that from a financial perspective, for a 2-day visit, park hopping is all or nothing. There’s no point in hopping just one.

Plus, hopping gives you some contingency planning. If the weather screws you over, or you’re not feeling well, or if anything else goes sideways, you have more ability to make sure you see your must-do stuff than if you’re limited to 1 park per day.