2 days at MK TP

While I am at it, this is my plan for MK, two days. The first day has some backtracking because of a FPP at Splash Mountain followed by lunch at BOG.


Second day starts off at CRT an hour before park opening. However to be safe I am assuming it will take 90 days for the experience. If it doesn’t, the plan will be somewhat similar but we will add the Meet and Greet with Rapunzel and potentially a visit to Ariel.


This day is focused on Fantasyland and I haven’t planned out the afternoon on purpose as I figured we would just focus on whatever we didn’t get done in day 1 or morning of day 2.

Feel free to let me know if I got this all wrong! Welcome the feedback.

Re: first day…looks fun! Given all the extra time you have around splash maybe move it up a bit if you can and either way take the train around to it and back to lunch to save on walking?

If you could move splash a bit earlier and are looking for some time to fill before lunch my kids really liked time Sawyer island in that area for a bit.

Re: day 2…
Did you run the numbers looking at doing barnstormer and dumbo before 7DMT instead?
Asking since we went just last week and crowds were decent but the barnstormer one was pretty long (for how short the ride is) by around 10:30 or so I think.

Thank you, I did go ahead and actually add the Princess Hall before Splash Mountain that way we dont have too much time. If we are running behind, we will go straight to Splash.

Thanks for reviewing!

Good to know on Barnstormer. I put it after because I am afraid if not, 7DMT FPP will run over!

I wonder if after CRT it would be good to go do Dumbo and Barnstormer and then 7DMT? And then WtP? I think WtP also has same-day-FPP available, right? As does Dumbo? Although I think Barnstormer does, too, but it might be a let-down after 7DMT, lol. How old are the kids? I’m thinking of Barnstormer before 7DMT just to ease mine into roller coasters, since they’ve never been on one. Mine will be 4, 6, and 8.

Ha, I just saw what @SMo said. Same thing, lol. You could always do them that way if you’re out of CRT earlier than 9:30. Maybe copy your TP and run it both ways to see what the difference is.

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Thank you all for the feedback, so I ran the numbers and drum roll please:

It is technically two minutes faster to do Barnstormer and Dumbo first. The wait for WTP does get to 26 minutes if I do it after 7DMT. I liked that before I could break up the longer waits between Barnstormer and the kids will love the wait at Dumbo.

I go back and forth Barnstormer would be a good intro and one that both kids could ride. 2.5 is one inch too short for 7DMT.

But I do really want to make sure we go on WTP.

I may just listen to y’all and do Barnstormer and Dumbo first, thanks!

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TWO MINUTES!!! Well that’s the plan to keep then! Think of all you could do in that two minutes!!! :laughing:

I think you do whichever plan you like best. That’s what makes the most sense here. :slight_smile: