2 Day WDW Magic Kingdom Plans

Hey Disney Friends!
I’m hoping someone here can help me. I’ve been a member of touring plans for a year or so but this is my first time in the message boards!

I’m hoping someone has an updated 2 day Magic Kingdom plan that hits all the Mountains, princess and good stuff for kids between 2-7! The one in touring plans still has the Main Street Electric Parade and Wishes, so I know it’s pretty outdated!

Thanks for any advice or guidance! Happy planning all!

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Where are you seeing that? I looked at the Touring Plans site and I see a two-day plan for adults? You may need to sign in to access the links?

@kjshenk, You may get more responses if you move this to the WDW forum. Common problem.

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Thank you!! I didn’t notice that it wasn’t in the right place :slight_smile:

Um…I am signed in. I was looking for a two day plan for parents or families, but I will check out the adult plan just to see whats on it! Thank you!!

I see you created the topic again but you could have just edited the category (no big deal) but the little pencil next to the topic allows you to edit the title and category.

I also see a pre-made two day princess plan for parents with children 4-8. I have looked on the site and cannot find any Walt Disney world plans with the electrical parade or Wishes. The ones I am looking at say Happily Ever After. What plan do you see it in?

@PrincipalTinker Magic Kingdom Happy Family Two-Day Touring Plan - Day 1 this is the plan I found in the touring plans section and it has the electric parade and wishes. I might be missing something still! Like I said these boards are totally new to me. I did see the the Princess and Thrill Seeker 2 day plans and those both do look amazing.I have 2 princess lovers and one one poor little boy along for the ride on those, so I wanted to be sure to get all the Mts. in too for him, and the princess lovers too and hubby too. I might be better off to create my own two day plan.

Any advice on that? I was thinking about doing Fantasy Land and Tomorrow Land one day and then everything else the other day?

Thanks so much for the feedback I really, appreciate it!

I see! I did “copy” this plan and it tells you to remove the parade and Wishes. Let me see if it will post here: https://touringplans.com/plans/2813251#plan_options

I always create personal customized plans but I am going to tag @brklinck (the person I think of as the “expert” on plans) to see what he would suggest.

I would not use the “Happy Family” plan as a starting point for a Personalized TP, as if you look in the notes you will see that it says “This plan is not optimizable.” I think that this is because it is meant as a general guide for people who want to do some things together as a family and then split up.

Any of the other 2-day plans would be a good starting point so that you get an idea as to how to break things up across two days when you make your own plans.