2 Day Trip Nov 18,20 - Possible to hit 3 parks, e-ticket rides?

So, a coworker and I are staying over the weekend after a work trip. I have been many times, he not since childhood.

If we get park hopper and pay for ILL’s, is it possible to hit all the big rides at MK, EP and HS in those two days?

We are also staying at a hotel with early entry. And leaving Monday.

I FEEL like we can pull this off (and enjoy ourselves), but want to see if anyone has done similar lately.


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Totally! You can buy 2 ILLs per person per day and then with a good plan for G+ you should be able to knock out a lot.


But - it does totally depend on what hotel you are at for the Individual Lightning Lanes - you need to be on-property or at Swan/Dolphin/Shades of Green. If you are at a good neighbor hotel, you might have early entry but you cannot buy your ILLs until park open.

I just wanted to clarify that rule.


Yep, I do understand that (asked for clarification a few days ago).
But looking at historical data, we SHOULD be ok purchasing at park open.


Oh good call out. I just assumed onsite hotel.

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The cost of onsite (and location) just didn’t make sense for that one perk. I have to be there all week for work, so wanted to keep it around $150 per day or less. Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs® Resort Area for the win, and walking distance to DS on the weeknights for dinner.


You can also easily walk to Saratoga Springs and use their buses.

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