2 day touring plan

I am on sensory overload trying to educate myself in preparation for our trip 5/2. Really like the idea of the 2 day touring plan for MK but don’t see one for parents with a tween (Almost 10yr old). Not sure if the Happy Family will include most of the things she would want to do. This is the 1st trip for all of us. Help please!

one if the 2 day tp for Adults will work if you copy and then change stuff around. On our first visit I made personalised plans Instead splitting the park in half roughly down the middle. and did half each day. This is a popular aporoach

I would also recommend making a personalized plan and selecting the things that your family will like to do. Be sure to enter the fast passes you’ve booked before you optimize so it knows when to put it in your plan. If you aren’t sure about an attraction watch a video of it on Youtube to figure out if it’s something your family would enjoy.

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