2 day Epcot guidance

my Epcot planning is driving me a little batty. We will have 2 days there but not sure how to fit things/how to split days. We will need to do at least some of FW both days, not sure how to split up WS. We a PPO GG on first day, so soarin after that, thinking starting day 2 at Test track. Day 2 we also have a lunch ADR at Coral reef. DS wants multiple rides on Mission Space, Soarin and his fav 3 Cabs. this is during food and wine in Oct. We always plan to spend extra time in WS, but never seems to work out -so want to make sure we get that in this time. Thanks for any guidance/help to get me started.

GDivide WS and FW in half, east and west. That way you can mix things up, rather than thinking of WS as one big area.

Are you staying all day, or taking a break?

Try planning to see some of the performers in WS. The acrobats in China are great fun. The film in France has been re-mastered and had the sound re-edited so is apparently looking really good. And it’s air conditioned.

Try going off the main path. The Japanese gardens are so lovely, so are the views from the waterfall in Canada, and the gardens there are simply gorgeous. Morocco has a Museum and the bazar / souk to explore.

And there is a free tour of the shops in the U.K. - can’t remember when. Even if you don’t do that, it’s worth going in. Each of the four parts are from a different century, you start nearest the main path with the rough floors and walls and small windows (15th) and end up in the swish upmarket boutique. And have a look through the window of Christopher Robin’s bedroom (wish you could still go in).

Can you tell I love WS?!

The Canada film makes me dizzy though. The last time I did it it seemed worse than ever. I’m skipping it next time. Maybe if I could sit down it would be better!

So do Mexico to Italy or America one day, and then Canada to Japan the next. See about 30minutes for each plus 30 extra. I always add a break for each country of 30 minutes in addition to the TP of 10 (which is rally just walk through and take a couple of photos). Add on any of the specific shows. They all appear on the TP on the second page I think?

Remember some of the FW rides will have shorter lines in the evening.


Thank you so much. We usually do not take a break, my group (except for me :wink: are all early to rise/early to bed :). Info on time to allot is especially helpful. You mentioned activities I wasn’t even aware of - so glad I asked. :slight_smile:

We tend to spend 2 days at Epcot. Last trip, we were there during F&W festival, which was a huge headache once the crowds poured into WS.

As such, I would make a general recommendation…that is, to tackle WS in the morning (first thing) and then as crowds begin to rise due to the F&W festival, move back to FW. FW crowds remain pretty light throughout the day since everyone is trying to get to the food and wine! :slight_smile:

You might tackle one half of WS on your first day at Epcot, and then the second half on the second day. On both days, you can then hit the rides in FW.

The day we were in WS, we made it around to France (starting from the Mexico/China side) before the crowds were unbearable. We actually had to form a chain (holding hands) with our entire to make our way back around and back to FW in order to ensure didn’t get lose anyone (mostly out of concern for our DS6).

In hindsight, I would have split WS across two days rather than attempt it in one as we did, since we didn’t make it through all of the WS as a result.

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