2 day at what park?

I am sure this question is covered alot! but here it goes anyways. we have 6 park days with one non park day in betwee. I am thinking to do HS on arrival day, as i have heard it is more like a half day park and we would be tired. then all the other parks. Of course i will have two extra days and so far my thoughts were to visit MK a second time, although not sure about that since we do DL here quite often. Then I was thinking about doing AK for our last day. That park looks like alot of fun. But I have heard alot of liners say that epcot is a two day park. we do have hoppers so what are your thoughts?

You have 2 extra days to plan, correct? So 1 day at each of the parks and then 2 you can visit twice? Epcot is definitely a 2 day park IF you are interested in seeing all of Future World and spending time in all of the countries (especially if during the festivals). Epcot is very unique and nothing like it on the west coast, plus the FPP is hard with the 3 best rides being tier 1 so can only have a FPP for one. Two days means you can have 2 headliners each day easily (one at rope drop and the other FPP). On one trip we only spent 1 really long day at Epcot (from 9am until 11pm), and we still felt like we should have had a second day. My DD16 loves it though, she would easily go there over the parks if given the choice. AK is my new favorite for 2 days as well since Pandora opened. 1 day is just not enough, we went 3 days out of 7 in October! Many would say go to MK twice, but since you are a DL regular, and most of the rides that are themed the same are actually better in DL…I would go with AK and EP for the extra days. HS is a shell of itself right now- it can be a full day park if you ride all the thrill rides, want to see the shows, AND love Star Wars. If you don’t love Star Wars and wish to avoid all of that, I’d only give it half to 3/4ths of a day so arrival day might work well for you. Good luck deciding!

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What are your group interested in?

If you have big Star Wars fans, or have little ones who might like the shows, DHS can take up a whole day. Those who claim it’s a half day tend not to be watching the shows as they’ve seen them before.

Epcot has two completely different parts to it. I often split down the middle, half of FW and half the countries in WS one day, the rest on the second.

But AKL is my favourite park. If you want to see all the animals and trails, plus do all the rides, it might take more than a day now. Depends if you get an FP for FOP I guess. And it is huge.

So you need to decide what will your group enjoy the most, and go with that. If you have park hoppers it will make life easier!

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I havent booked my FPP yet, so I am thinking about MK for just one day, although I have adrs on two seperate days. I suppose i can cancel some.

It is so hard to plan WDW vs DL, because of all the preplanning and the travel involved between the parks which does not exist at DL. I will be booking FPP next week for our spring break trip, and am still struggling with how many days and where. Also whether to start at Universal or WDW, as we go to both each trip (and stay onsite at each). I have a hard time committing and while I have an AP and therefore a park hopper, we don’t like to hop at WDW so I am committed to one park a day. When do you book your FPP?

I’m 91 days out now so one more month!

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